Friday, August 28, 2009

California, part trois ~

Before we knew it, our visit was nearly over. We had fun in those last days though, mostly just hanging out with the girls and Jason & Wendy.

The day we left, everyone got up early to see us off. The girls were still sleepy but that only makes them sweet. Sweeter. Sweetest!!!

I always get a little teary telling Alahna & Kirra goodbye. Same goes for better believe he gets choked up too, that's just the way we roll.

We have kind of a funny little tradition that helps a little, that when we leave (or when they leave) I give the girls each a pack of orange Tic Tacs. It started one visit when Alahna was two and getting on the plane to go home. I was crying a little, so she cried to make her feel better, I gave her my Tic Tacs. So now we do it every time! They know that orange Tic Tacs is just a special thing that means Mawmaw loves them very much, so that's why you see them holding breath mints in these photos. :)

I guess all good things come to an end, and that includes vacations too. So what do you have left when it's over? For one thing, these - courtesy of The Signature, Las Vegas.

But even more, there's a whole lot of hugs, smiles, and happy times. Seeing the world from a different place. Sweet pictures, funny memories, and looking forward to more vacations. Hugging sleepy little blonde grandgirls who murmur into your neck, "I love you Mawmaw." ♥ ♥ ♥


Be A Saint said...

very cute, Susan.....very cute!

Lou Ellen said...

I love it all. So sweet, the story of goodbye and the tic-tacs. And love the shot of the shampoos and such - gotta squirrell away those freebies!

Susan said...

For sure!!!

>> love that last pic of the girls with me & Don. Alahna is adorable, and Kirra is a doll...especially with her bed hair. :)

Carolina girl said...

Susan, I forgot you had a blog. Sounds like your trip was so nice. I love the Tic Tac tradition--so cute! And I think you're doing great to only get a little teary eyed. We (the girls and me) just all break down and seriously boo hoo whenever we say goodbye to my parents, and so do they. Those girls are both so beautiful.

Laughlin Family said...

Susan, I knew that once you started a blog, you would be great at your stories. You have always had a great gift of writing. I loved the story and thanks for sharing.