Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let the Sunshine In ~

Fact: We had a gloomy winter around here.  Day after day of rain, cloudy and wet.

I was ready to pack up and head for the hills (which hills, I didn't know).

Fall and winter have always been my favorite seasons - cool, clear, crisp and mostly dry.  No pollen, no steamy days and nights, and no tropical storms.  We were robbed!

But this week we've hit the jackpot.  We're in the middle of the most magnificent weather EVER!

I went to my park today.  I call it "mine" because I claim it.  I love the view of the I-210 bridge from here.  It's a beautiful bridge but if you don't see it from this spot, you never know that.

As I walked today I tried to soak it all in.  I wasn't alone, lots of people out enjoying the park - kids, dogs, people taking pictures.

This is the Indian Bay Pavilion.  It's such a pretty place for family reunions and picnics.

This is what makes a perfect park: walking paths, well mowed grass, playgrounds, restrooms, fountains, boat launch, plenty of benches and a fun splash pad (steamy days...).  

And, and - (this is so coincidental) - the park is very close to Target!  

You gotta love that.

Well done, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury!!

Perfect weather in a perfect park...March 27, 2013, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.