Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

Today is Don's birthday. Everyone knows Don. He loves me, and I love him too! He talks Cajun...he smells good...he looks like the Eddie Bauer man...you know, the one in the catalog, the mature guy with the short beard who looks like he can do anything. That's my husband.

But I'm not sure who this guy is...first he got tired of his beard itching during the hot weather so he shaved it off! Then he had Lasik surgery (he just wanted to see better) so the glasses were gone. Then we went to CA and Jason decided to buzz him with the standard LAPD haircut, so his hair was gone.

Hmmm...I still love this guy...he talks Cajun...he smells good, but I kinda miss Eddie Bauer man and the scruff. He's promised to bring him back again when the weather gets cool. Either way, I'm keeping him. ♥

Happy Birthday baby!!!


Lou Ellen said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite deer-huntin', French speakin', funny, master mechanic brother in law!

Jen and Chris said...

Happ B-day dad! And I like all the changes you've made....lookin younger though you're gettin older!

Clarissa said...

Tell the old man I said happy birthday! And good luck with the apparent mid-life identity crisis!!