Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paging Michael Bublé... ♪

I love Christmas music (mostly).  The last 15 years or so I've shown a stubborn loyalty to Mannheim Steamroller and didn't want to hear much else.  OK, so I'm a hard nut to crack.  

This year however, I've been completely enamored of Michael Bublé.  His album "Christmas" came out over a year ago but it didn't take for me until this past season.  My favorite:
Pretty much anyone who rode in the Pilot with me had to make peace with Michael Bublé.  And me, singing.  Loud. And I'm not sorry.  Not one little bit.

We had a sweet Christmas.  We missed Jason & the girls, but seeing them via Skype was a hoot.  

Jen was off Christmas Eve and that was good but drats, she had to work Christmas Day.  Oh well, it was great fun anyway. And how fantastic to have Justin & Barbara here.  And of course Victor (their dog-baby).  Such pretty pictures! (Justin Duplantis Photography) Here's a few...I have no clue why Don was wearing an old white T-shirt, but maybe he was waiting for this:

I love, love, loved my tree this year. Last year, it was an all gold theme but I missed my red berry clusters, so this year I brought them back and added the Ballard burlap ribbon for a rustic-traditional look.  My berry clusters are old...they were bought at Hobby Lobby many years ago and they don't even carry them anymore.  But they still look bright and pretty and I'm keeping them.

What a man...Don gave me the Frye bag I was wishing for!  Yes, it came with a dust cover.

The object of my affection.  It's buttery soft leather and smells like boot-shop heaven.

BTW, my scarf was crocheted by Barbara (my daughter in law).  Pretty cool for someone just beginning to learn!

For Christmas Eve dinner we invited the Coffmans to come eat with us.  This shot of their boys in front of my tree brings back memories!!  Our boys looked JUST like that at the same age.  Love.

We have our traditions and for Christmas Eve dinner, we always have Shrimp Gumbo, added some crabmeat to the pot too.  Of course we had ham, rolls and other snacks too. 

And then there were the desserts...Fantasy Fudge, Peanut Butter Pie, and Barbara's special cookies:  

Wishes for 2013:

* No dropping off a cliff (fiscal or other) 
* Smooth seas, calm winds and sunny days
* Do it: (at least) 26 Random Acts of Kindness 
* Hugs and smiles to all

And Michael Bublé...I'm expecting you next Christmas!

(if it seems like I've written Michael Bublé's name too much it's b/c I am tickled to be able to make the "e" with an accent mark like this: é)