Friday, September 4, 2009


I've been thinking about shoes. It's hard for me to find shoes that are comfortable, that look good (my version of good) and are made from quality leather. I don't do heels really, not at all. Some of my aunts on my dad's side had to have foot surgery for bunions...and the Dr. told them that if they hadn't tried to jam their feet in heels for years, they could have avoided a whole lot of suffering. So, I realized that...that I'm just not that interested in suffering.

Today I went to Dillard's and spent a good bit of time in the shoe department. I tried on at least 10 pairs of shoes. No dice.

I've worn Clarks, and they're good but not perfect. I wear Asics Gels to the gym and really, to run around in the winter. In the summer I wear leather sandals. But these are my favorite shoes right now - I got them last Christmas. They're the Born Codder...I have them in chocolate, and my friend RaeAnn has some in black. Here's a pic of them in red.

I think a red pair may be in my future. :) What are your favorite shoes?


Be A Saint said...

I want the red!!! They look perfect for me. I love them. Thanks for doing all the research for me, again!!!

Lou Ellen said...

I always look at Clarks, I like the look of a Liz Claiborne pump, I like kitten heels, I really don't get Gladiator sandals at all, I love my Columbia pool flip flops - but...I bought a pair of Keen outdoor sports land/water sandals on clearance in Moab, Utah right before our rafting trip and Charles kind of purred...I think he likes me in Keen's.

Susan said...

Happy to help Andrea! WE can all get our shoes and sit in a circle and take pictures and do a version of the Ya-YA Sisterhood. That could be the main event at your retirement pary!

And Lou Ellen, if it makes him happy, do wear the Keens!

DonnaB said...

Oh my gosh, I love those. I love red shoes! I was glad to read someone else's comments on the Keens. Sarah and I both want a pair of the hiking sandals for next summer. I saw a lot of people wearing them in the mountains this summer. Love those shoes.......YaYa!!

Carolina girl said...

Those are so dang cute! I love them!