Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'll have Fryes with that ~

If you can love boots, I do love these. This all started about 4 years ago, when we went to Park City, Utah for the first time. Sundance. Cool stores. Western art. Rustic home decor. Handcrafted handbags. Fringes, boots, leather. I haven't been back to Park City since then, but I bet I'll go again.

In the meantime, I started scanning catalogs and looking at boots. After much thought...MUCH thought, I decided on these, the Veronica Slouch, by Frye Boots. They have a soft shaft (not tight on the calf) a small heel, and the leather smells good.

Pricey yes, but oh so gorgeous. I figured I could blow some of my sock drawer stash (birthday money) and order them. They're not sold anywhere near me so I couldn't even try them on. I was a little intimidated by the procedure for breaking them in. Thought I couldn't do it. I even considered sending them back. But I soldiered on (it was love) in a Sundance-induced fog.

It's been a week. They're so much better now. I'm keeping them. Here's a link to the maker:
The Frye Company

Lot of celebrities wear Frye boots. Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) wears them and even gives them away from time to time on her site. This weekend, if you're out at the movies and see "One For the Money" with Katherine Heigel, she is wearing Fryes (saw an ad, Bloomingdales has a give away to tie-in to the movie).

Me, wearing my Fryes.

Handsome, awesome. And they keep my feet warm.

Love. Utah. Park City. Boots. Fryes. Love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4 Gifts

Even though it's January, I'm still thinking about Christmas. So I'm just doing a short post here, with a link and an observation.

And this is what I think: most children (certainly not all) get too many presents at Christmas. And some barely have time to register what the gift is, before they go on to rip open another one.

Getting too many things doesn't make a child feel loved. In my experience, it usually does the opposite and makes them insecure and envious for what they didn't get. And spoiled. No one likes a spoiled child. And spoiled children grow up to be entitled adults. It's not a good way to be. To live.

I like this blog and the ideas she expresses in this post:

In the post above, I think it's perfect that each child gets only 4 gifts, (plus stockings):
1) something they want
2) something they need
3) something to wear
4) something to read

Yes, we did do Santa in our house when our kids were growing up but if I had to do it all over, I think we'd do things differently. After all...Santa is what he really stands for, the spirit of love.

That's my opinion. Peace out.