Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Without a doubt, that title implies that I made dinner. For someone. I didn't. (it was Saturday!)

The best surprises are when you least expect them. After a busy day, Don & I arrived home at the same time late Saturday afternoon....wondering, what are we going to do this evening? At about that time our doorbell rang, and there stood wonderful friends!!! Well, two friends and one stranger, ha.

Steve Christiansen had driven over from Houston with his daughter Sarah and her new husband Jacob. They'd spent some time down on the Creole Nature Trail looking for gators. We were so tickled to see them!! We have such a long history together and it's always fun to visit. We got out some old video of years ago and watched Sarah, Jennifer, and Michelle tear it up as mini-cheerleaders.

Steve said they were wondering if we had any recommendations for a place with good Cajun food for dinner? Hello, is the Pope Catholic?? ;) So, we headed for....

...Steamboat Bill's on the Lake, our go-to place. Diets flew out the window for the night. At least mine did.

Jacob & Sarah stop and smile by the turtle shell.

Steve, Sarah & Jacob

Our gang. If we look happy it's because we have just eaten food from heaven.

Jacob & Sarah are such cute newlyweds!! (married less than a yr. = newlyweds in my book) They ate gumbo, shrimp, crawfish and more.

Steve hasn't forgotten how to eat crawfish.

After dinner we drove around a little and stopped off at Chris & Jennifer's house. A fun night, sweet friends, good food.
~ laissez les bons temps rouler ~