Monday, August 10, 2009

Leaving Las 5

We got in late from the concert, not to mention being a little wiped out so we asked if we could check out late. We got packed and checked out about 1 pm. I'll tell you one thing - I was ready to move on to California and see our grandgirls, but I was sorry to have to leave behind our suite (especially the bathroom) at The Signature. But we weren't leaving without one more trip to Orleans, so off to brunch we went.

We finally hit the road, and found out that every Sunday afternoon there is a general EXODUS from Vegas to CA, all taking Hwy 15. Somehow we missed that memo. So if you're ever on that road on Sunday, remember, there will be traffic. It wasn't too bad though...we were full - both our tummies and the gas tank, we had water, comfortable car, so even though it took us almost 5 hours, we were good. Adios Las Vegas!

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