Thursday, August 20, 2009

California, part un ~

As we drove from Las Vegas to California I hoped we'd see some interesting sights. We knew it was desert, I just thought it was going to be pretty…um, no. No painted desert, no tumbling tumbleweeds, nothing. OK, next stop on this vacation. I was hoping we’d get there before dark so I could see Jason’s new house in the daylight. We had our Garmin leading us and finally, finally, we were there and it was still light, whoo-hoo!

Each and every time we see our grandgirls (our only grandchildren) we are thrilled and just can’t wait. I know one day they will be older…teenagers even, and they won’t be so excited to see us - but that is not today!! :) When we got there, Alahna & Kirra were jumping up and down and yelling and running, all at once! They couldn’t believe how Pawpaw looked without his beard.

Jason’s house is typical for CA, Spanish-style with a tile roof. I think it was built 3 years ago. I really liked his landscaping and was pleasantly surprised to see that the backyard was nice and large. The houses they rented had lawns that were small, compared to what we're used to in Louisiana. Downstairs is the kitchen and dining room, two living areas, one full bath, one bedroom, exercise room, the double garage, and another half bath. Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Both floors offer lots of storage. Not sure how many windows are in the house, but there are a lot. Jason & Wendy had white plantation shutters installed on all of them. Of course the girls were dying to show us their pink princess room.

Bandit, their Shih Tzu, was also excited to see us. Don calls him his little buddy (don't tell Sam). I'm not a dog person, but if I were to one day get a dog, I'd get one like Bandit....he's a really good dog.

BTW, here's our genetics, exhibit A: foot pic...(I had swollen feet). The funny thing is, after looking at it, Alahna (left) has feet a lot like mine, down to the crooks in her toes. Kirra (right) has toes like someone else, they're long with no crooks - maybe like Wendy or Don's side.

We had so much fun, we got to see 2 movies w/ the girls - Night At the Museum 2 and Hannah Montana. Hannah was my favorite. We missed going swimming (their favorite thing to do in Louisiana) but we did other fun stuff: took Alahna to the Dr. for her pre-1st grade checkup, ate out a few times, talked a lot, played at the mall, played games (Go Fish), read stories, looked at pictures, read stories some more, stayed up late, and talked some more. Both girls like to chat. Hey, they get it honest...from uh, Jason. Who gets it from...both his parents. Really! We went to a delicious frozen yogurt place (forgot the name) where you put the toppings on and weigh it to pay. On our last day there, we went to the library. Here's a few pictures, more later.


Lou Ellen said...

So cute. Those girls sure know how to strike a pose. No wall flowers there. And they come by that honestly too.

Susan said...

You got that right, lol.