Friday, May 6, 2011

Have fun

When I was a kid people didn't use use sunscreen, they used Coppertone suntan lotion, which if I recall, didn't block the sun's rays, at least not much. We didn't know any better, we just wanted to be tan. The most famous Coppertone ad:

If you remember the commercials on TV you might know (or maybe not) that the little girl who played the Coppertone girl was Jodie Foster. I thought about that when we went out to Cali to visit Jason and the girls. Jason has moved into a house with a hot tub and a pool. Alahna & Kirra have a ball...these girls love playing in the water! And even though they put sunscreen on, they're both getting brown already.

How fun is that, to play in the water for hours? Yes, I did it too. No video. Just take my word for it, I was there.

So, my motto is: don't let summer pass you by. Have fun in the water. No matter how old you are or what you look like.

Go to the beach.

Get in the pool.

Sit in the hot tub.

Play at the waterpark.

But whatever you do...

put your bathing suit on!

(Of course if I looked this cute in a towel the world would be a better place.)