Friday, November 12, 2010

Shop Til You Drop ~

I can hang with the best of 'em (shoppers, that is). At least until my knees ache and my back protests. So yesterday, my sister Lou Ellen and I decided to conquer the mountain and go to the opening day of the Nutcracker Marketplace...Houston's version of running with the bulls! It was crazy. It was fun. It was the wild west. It was So Very Texas!!

They sold gorgeous, pearls, pewter, pashimas, leather, boots, quilts, vintage jackets, personalized gifts, and of course, food. Dips, soups, sauces, nuts, the special Donne Di Domani spaghetti sauce, and more. The most popular vendor was the massive and magnificent Christmas decor by Paul Michael. Women were seen pushing and dragging boxes big enough for kitchen appliances, filled with sparkly things to decorate for the holidays. We didn't bring a camera but I found these shots online. :)

Here's a slideshow: (at least while the link works)

If you go, just remember:

1) You will get bumped. You will get poked. You may drop something. You may lose something. Embrace the danger. Walk on the wild side. Whistle past the graveyard. It'll do you good.

2) Wear comfy shoes. We did. We were glad.

3) Get ready to be friendly. Because it's not a party unless you talk to everyone around you. In case you missed the memo, Lou Ellen and I are talkers. You know...just so we can fit in!!

4) When you pay $5 for a diet coke, it's OK, it's for a good cause, to benefit The Houston Ballet. Barbara Bush cut the ribbon for the opening. If it's good enough for Bar, it's good enough for me.

5) Be glad you were born a woman. This is your destiny. This and childbirth. But this is more fun. ;)

See ya' next year!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jason, son #2

Two days after Halloween many moons ago, our 2nd son, Jason was born. I always knew I'd have two boys. After Justin, we were experts in the boy department so we were ready for #2.

Jason was a beautiful baby, dark with olive skin, small - at least to me...6 lbs 7 oz. But he was born hungry. And he never let us forget it. He took his bottle well. And then he spit up. Again. And again. But his pediatrician pronounced him a fine, healthy baby and said he'd stop spitting up when he started to walk. The doctor was correct...he started walking at 9 months and the spitting up ceased. Just like that!

As the months passed, life with Justin (a toddler) and our baby soon slipped into life with "the boys". It was fun, and there was never a dull moment. Jason always called Justin "brother" or at least he tried to say it. Mostly it came out "brudder" and it was just adorable. Once my parents took the boys to the store and Jason went up and down the Hot Wheels aisle, pointing to certain cars, and saying, over and over, "We have this one, huh brudder?"

Jason was, and still is, a talker (that's a good thing!). He had white blonde hair and he was a doll. By the time he was two, he was tagging along when Don was practicing tee ball and soccer with Justin. Those toddler days were the beginning of a run of MANY years watching our boys play ball. When Jennifer came along, she joined the crowd and went to her first soccer game at 4 wks. old. It was heaven and so much fun!! So many stories were lived out on those fields at the ballpark. Lessons learned...lifelong time. I miss it.

I love being a mom. I loved it then, and I love it now. And I love you Jason!! Happy Birthday son!!