Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegas - day 3

This was our only day where we didn't have something that we had to do - no travel, no shows, just a long day of doing anything we wanted. In theory, it sounds perfect. In the real world, you realize that everything takes longer than you thought it would and the day's gone before you know it. So, what to do...

We slept in a little, and really, looking back we should have stayed in the suite more than we did. It was gorgeous. There were 2 AC units, one for the bdrm and main bath and one for the living area. I like an AC unit that will cool down to EXACTLY what I set the thermostat to...and, do it quietly. This place passed the test with flying colors!! So off we went determined to have fun and better food than the day before.

We ate breakfast at The Orleans, and we hit the jackpot!! :) They had everything you could wish for on a breakfast buffet - eggs, bacon, fruit, sausage, pancakes, waffles, even cheesecake (for me) and gelato (for Don). The omlette station was a big hit. They made huge ones, and if you wanted a cup of cheese in it, you got it. I don't like cheese in my eggs, I figure I'll save the calories for somewhere else. Anyway, the breakfast buffet was only $6.49 pp (bargain of the trip) and we got a discount b/c we signed up for their Players Card. So, stuffed to the gills after our late breakfast, we headed out, after taking a few pictures.

We had to pick up something at Fry's, and then went to the Outlet Mall nearby. Apparently, we picked the wrong outlet, we didn't find much, only bought a couple of things. By this time, the middle of the afternoon had hit and with it, the heat wave of about 115°. We headed back for the Signature and really should have just crashed in the room. I tried to rest but relaxing is hard, even if you ARE in the world's quietest suite, with the best air conditioning unit, and a perfect bed. Go figure.

So, we decided to head for the pools. There were several to choose from but I wanted to try the lazy river even if it did look like the party place for the 20-somethings. One thing you need is a tube, and the rental place had closed. So I saw a random tube just sitting there. I asked everyone around if it was theirs, they all said no, so I just took it. Many people staying in this place rent cabanas for an insane price, so there were some people who had been poolside all day, drinking. As we were walking back to the lazy river with the tube some drunk people at a table called out that it was their tube...we just kept on walking, I told Don that if they wanted it, they'd have to come take it. Of course they couldn't really stand up, not that it was theirs anyway.

But the lazy river proved a bit rowdy so after one trip around, we moved over to the Academy Pool (each named w/ MGM movies-connections). As part of our hotel package we got a $100 beverage credit that could only be spent in the clubs in MGM or at poolside. So we kept ordering diet cokes, $4 a pop, just to use some of it up. After a couple of hours we went back to MGM to visit the lions again. This time, the big guy was there - the currrent MGM lion. He was a hoot to watch. He knew he was the big dog and he was showing off a little. I called him Mufasa...

Then we bathed, dressed and went out for the evening, this time to Mandalay Bay, which is beautiful. We decided to walk...it seemed easy enough in the planning. We walked through MGM (huge) crossed over the strip on the walkway to Excalibur and then took a tram from there to Luxor and Mandalay. It sounds easier than it is, no big deal since we needed the exercise anyway. We ate at The Bayside Buffet, and it was delicious! Don pigged out on lamb chops and veal and I settled in with my King Crabs!!

Afterwards we walked around Mandalay and looked. Took some pictures, talked to a few people, and just wandered. We went into The House of Blues for a little while, but the band playing was not on our musical radar for the night, so we left. Actually, they would never be on my musical radar, not on any night. But it was still a cool place.

The Louisiana gambler himself (toothpick in his mouth):

By this time it was late so we thought we'd head back. The joke was on us though, as the tram was OUT. It doesn't look far as the crow flies, but it was a hike. We should've jumped in a cab but hey, I was game for walking so off we went. Halfway back, I was sorry. My feet were feeling the burn and I was so thirsty. But we didn't stop until we got back to MGM - I was not about to spend one cent on something to drink when I knew back at MGM I could have all I wanted...free! We just had to go in the lounge to get it. Actually, the one we picked was a quiet little place where you could eat too. I'm sure the bartender thought we were funny for walking in and ordering diet cokes, 4 for 2 people, trying to use that beverage credit. It was late again before we got to bed, but who cares, Vegas never stops. Big day ahead.

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