Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vegas - day 4 (party time!)

Big day, party-time, the Keith Urban concert!!! It's impossible to say how awesome it is are unless you are THERE! (talking to you Gwen - ask anyone...Lou Ellen & Charles, Jennifer, Justin, Stacy & Mark, Diane, Vicki...Keith flat out rocks the house! Just spreading the gospel...

Soooo, I was pumped up for Vegas, Don was trying to contain his excitement. ;) No kidding though, he gets a big kick out of Keith too. And if I haven't said so, I have the BEST husband in the world (no brag, just fact!) for coming to Vegas with me to see Keith!!! Not to mention numerous other KU road trips. We have a lot of fun but I wouldn't enjoy it as much if he wasn't with me. ♥ ♥ ♥

When we woke up on Sat., I wondered if Keith & co. were out yet, riding their motorcyles on the backroads. Vegas itself seemed to double with the number of tourists from mid-wk to the weekend. Crazy-busy!! After our wonderful breakfast the day before at Orleans, we didn't even think about going anywhere else on Sat. Actually, we missed breakfast and instead had lunch. It was delicious too. After lunch we went running around, what vacation is complete without a trip to Target? Not mine. And then it was back to the hotel to try and rest some before the concert. After walking all that way the night before there was no way I was gonna repeat it, and besides I needed energy - standing and dancing for two and a half hours straight takes stamina, so we drove to Mandalay.

I was happy it was a smaller venue, holds about 12,000 people but they don't sell seats in back of the stage so that cuts off a lot, and the concert wasn't sold out (times are lean, even for country music artists who do better than most touring acts). Our seats were on the floor, 5th row in the 2nd section, which put us about 10 rows from the stage. Glen Campbell opened....he's expired, poor Glen, his time is up. Some of his songs were good (his classics), some were blah (Foo Fighters), and some were flat. He got confused and began one song for the 2nd time, what's up with that??? Finally he was done and after a short intermission Keith hit the stage!!

He wasn't confused, he wasn't flat, he was ON FIRE!!! And he looked, well you (he can't help it, he just is) We were able to move up very close to the front though we couldn't get to the center, drats. But still, great location.

He went back and forth to each corner of the stage and the crowd was rockin. Don took a hilarious video of me dancing that I'll try to upload...there's two guys in back of me who crack me up b/c they look like they're made of stone. After nearly two and a half hours, it was over. Keith thanked the crowd for coming out to see them, recognizing that times are hard and many people have it rough. Their last song was Better Life. So. Much. F-U-N.

After the concert, the lights came up and the road crew starts busting it all down, and they move fast. I asked a couple roadies for a set list, but they just shrugged. I got one in Salt Lake a few years ago, it's the list of songs they do in order, with some notes...and the titles are shortened - so the first song "Hit The Ground Running" is just labeled "Hit". Anyway, I saw one big guy who seemed to have some authority jump on stage, and I asked him and *bingo* he gave me one. :) Whoo-hoo!!!

We ran into the band in Mandalay and told them great show, such nice guys and the best road band in the business. We made our way to our hotel, picked up McDonald's, picked up some more free diet coke from the lounge and ate about 2 am and collapsed in bed. But we had a ball! When can we do this again???? Magical night. And in Vegas, to boot.

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gwen said...

Hey, you know I'm up for a Keith concert anytime. I just never been in the right place at the right time to see him. I'm sure it would be a great concert. Oh, and I'm so glad that you are "sharing the gospel!" lol You crack me up....