Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (cue the music)

If you don't know the theme song from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" you should look it up or stop reading now.  It's iconic. And so is this story.

"The Making of a Driveway, 2014"

Our old driveway had been slightly curved on one side, to fit around pine trees that are no longer there.  It was badly cracked and broken in several places.  Repairs were no good, it was clear we needed to start over.  After our neighbors volunteered to let us park our 2 trucks and my Pilot over at their house, the project was begun.  (I mean, how long could it take? Five or 6 days?  10 tops?)

Things started out promising enough.  Men came.  Equipment made loud noises.  After a few days we we realized the team we hired hadn't had the utilities marked - gas, phone, water.  Yikes.

Then, too.  There was a difference of opinion between how it should be done, and what was getting done. 

And that was all before the rain started.  

Worry commenced.   Options were weighed.  (Are you listening to the music here? Because you should be.)  

Don decided the best course of action was to change horses in midstream.  I was all in.  

New team, new plan, a new day.  They preferred to start over from the beginning.  New markings for utilities, new forms, new methods.

These guys were awesome.  They don't do driveways, they build streets in million dollar neighborhoods.  (Our next door neighbor tried to hire them and they turned him down flat.)

But Don knows people.  And his people know people.  And so the cavalry rode in to save the day, though by this time 19 days had gone by.

Men came.  Equipment made loud noises.

People stopped to admire the process when the concrete was poured.  No kidding.  But that could have been because they were really tired of us parking in their driveways.

In any case...they finished.  Still more work to do, though - leveling the grass, trimming, sealing.

Oh how happy we were!!  When we were allowed to walk on it, it was like magic.

The forms have been removed.  The men have left.  The equipment is gone.  Goodbye cones and tape.

And today, today... 

Tuesday, June 24th, after 27 days...we finally were given the OK to drive and park here.  

Yes, at our own house.  Raise the flag!

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