Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy being fabulous ~

On our cruise a few weeks ago our first stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica. We went to Sandals Royal Caribbean. It was absolutely gorgeous and the a word, scrumptious. I'm still dreaming about the Red Snapper and Grilled Shrimp.

Snorkeling & scuba are included. Also tours on the glass bottom boat and other water stuff. You could relax out by the pool and read, sit on the beach and daydream, or play beach volleyball, ala Top Gun.

We loved Sandals. The beach. The dining. The pools. The peacocks. The dining. The beach!! If I know us (and I do)...I would bet that we'll be back.

And yes, it will be fabulous. ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If my heart had wings...

Last month we were all together...yes, all of us in one place...and we had family photos taken. We went to Prien Lake Park because it's so pretty. It overlooks the 210 Bridge - and if it's possible to love a bridge, I do. I go to the park often and walk by the water.

We got lucky (we're lucky people) and the weather was spectacular. Our talented photographer and friend (link below) took some gorgeous shots.

Love, love, love...these pictures, and my family.

If my heart had wings, I would fly to you...