Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eight is Great!

This is our oldest grandchild, Alahna. She turned 8 years old recently and was baptized and confirmed a member of our church. It was such a special day. She wore a darling white satin and lace dress. She looked just like a princess. And so she was.

We were all so happy we could be there with her. We (the Mawmaw & Pawpaw of this tribe) flew to California. Aunt Jennifer came too.

Alahna was baptized by her daddy. He was so proud of her. Her mom and Kirra were proud too. Everyone loves her so very much.

She got some special sister Lou Ellen gave her the pink pearls she is wearing here. She looks very grown up. But don't worry, she's not that tall yet...she was standing on a chair.

Alahna made some big promises that day, but she got some big blessings too. I know how happy she was, and I hope she remembers that feeling always.

I love you, sweet girl.