Thursday, June 2, 2011

Live a little, love a lot ~

Hey in case you missed it, the month of May is outta here. What did we do? As Kenny Chesney would say...we lived a little, loved a lot.


Blew bubbles with our grandgirls.

Cheered for the Padres. :)

Loved on these two!!

Went to the the park. Played games. Cuddled!

Don and Jason did some...let's call it Swamp People Exterminating! (see Jason's FB)

We woke up in Vegas.

Went to see The Lion King.

Got friendly with a church-minded lady who showed me an obscene plastic monkey then cheerfully waved and said, "Have a blessed day!" Mmm...

Explored the Bellagio.

Laughed with my sister.

Tried to make the brothers-in-law behave. Gave up. Ate cake instead.

Admired our girls...pretty and smart (like their mothers).

Went to a cool party and welcomed our new daughter-in-law. Here's the newlyweds, Barbara & Justin! Cute couple huh?

And then. And then...

I bought Big Daddy his Father's Day present. Watched him ride.

Got tickled. Felt pretty damn proud.

Rode around myself. Acted cool and stuff.

Didn't wreck it. Raise the flag!

Live a little, love a lot...