Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Friday Photos

Just a few fun photos. Jennifer, Jen Rose-Potter, Clarissa and Sarah on Clarissa & Wade's big day. The jewelry Jennifer is wearing is over 50 years old, it belonged to my Mom.

Kirra with the blanket Aunt Lou Ellen made her before she was born. During the Rita evacuation, Lou Ellen's friend Margaret came over and we had gumbo for lunch and tied the quilt.

Alahna with glasses, I don't think she wears them much but she's darling here!

Disneyland, are we having fun yet??

A rare moment when my brother and sister and I were together and there was a camera handy.

Don forgot everything he never knew about fixing little girls hair.

Brothers-in-law and partners in crime. They are the brave (and oh so lucky) men to have married the Lyons girls. :)

Jennifer and me last Christmas, the purpose of this one is to say I love her hair!!!


Lou Ellen said...

Great pictures! Love those itty bitty blondes! And the big (-ger) redheads and brunettes too!

jenn said...

Happy day that you started a blog... what fun!

Jen and Chris said...

I like fun friday photos, are you going to do them every friday?

Susan said...

Thanks, I might!

gwen said...

I love the picture of you, LouEllen and Gordon! When was that taken??

Susan said...

That was at Payton's birthday (the mad scientist party) last November. Gordon stopped by, then we drove up to look at some family graves in a cemetary north of Moss Bluff. It was freezing!