Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Times, Sweet Friends

Last month we had a fun baby shower for Ivy (Pogue) Huntington, to celebrate her baby girl, due in December. We (Andrea, Kristin, Joan and me) were taking advantage of a window of opportunity when everyone could be here - Gwen, Ivy, Martha (Gwen's mom), and Mary (Brad's mom). Everything worked out perfectly!! A good friend of Gwen's (from Saudi) is Debbie Stratford, who is also a good friend of Lou Ellen's (from Texas). Debbie was in Houston for the summer, and she and Lou Ellen decided to come over and help us throw the shower! We had a delightful night, and after the shower we ended up at Gwen's (where else??) until nearly 2 am, talking and laughing. The next day we all went for lunch at Steamboat Bill's.

Before Debbie left, she said she had thank you gifts for Lou Ellen and me. I was absolutely stunned to open it and see that Debbie gave us each a Wilton Armetale pitcher in the Flutes & Pearls pattern!! I unabashedly love, love, LOVE it!!! Debbie is a collector of Wilton Armetale, and she really is an expert on the line. I had a couple of pieces but had never seen the pitcher. If you're not familiar with Wilton Armetale, it's hand-crafted serveware that is gorgeous and captivating, and so practical too.

We took photos (a bit fuzzy) both the "Can you believe this?" one (which we recreated) and the "We're tickled pink!" one.

Debbie is a kind and generous friend, and it was such fun to get to know her. We have so much in common too. I'm so glad I got to meet her...but man, I wish Lou Ellen and I could go visit the Kingdom just once, so we could traipse through the streets with Debbie and Gwen!!! Oh well, at least we can hear all about it from them.

Debbie, Lou Ellen and me at Ivy's shower. (from Gwen's blog)

Each time I pass my hutch and see my pitcher I feel a little flutter of joy...and smile when I think of happy times and sweet friends. :)


gwen said...

Wow, those are beautiful! Debbie does have great taste- in friends and pitchers :) The shower was so fun and so was hanging out after. Debbie flew out for a vacation in Greece today but I'll tell her to check out your blog when she gets back.

Lou Ellen said...

Amen and Ditto.

Sometimes the trips/showers/fun that is planned quickly in small windows of opportunities result in The Best Times.