Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Skies

Well this month is just blowing by. Why can't August go this fast?? I love's my 2nd favorite month of the year, after November. Yes, this IS my happy calendar time! And Don's too, deer season has begun.

I love everything about, a north wind blowing, leaves flying through the air, cinderella pumpkins, baby pumpkins, gumbo, and oh yeah, did I say football??

We've mostly watched these guys, while we cross our fingers for their coach Jason Garrett (who I have a slight crush on) to perform a miracle before Jerry Jones fires him. Or gets another facelift, whichever comes first.

And while the Cowboys are having a rough year, it sure helps to watch this coach, Eric Taylor, and his Dillon Panthers on Friday Night Lights. We're making our way through each season on Netflix. Seriously, it's good. Coach Taylor is played by Kyle Chandler. I have a little crush on him too. (Texas forever)

When I'm not in the middle of a football game (real or imagined) I spend a lot of time talking about this ship. She's beautiful, isn't she? In this case talk isn't cheap. But sail, we will. Do you believe in Magic??

Galveston, oh Galveston...

And my other hobby of late, shopping for wood floors, hopefully to get installed before the end of the year. After a lot of looking (virtual and in person), I've picked this one, by Shaw. It's hickory, pictured here. I love it and I hope it loves me back.

And last but not least, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching these guys go at it. Debates are awesome. So. Much. Fun. I'm learning a lot about these candidates. And the good thing is....we all participate. By reading, watching and by voting. Did you vote today?? My sticker says "My Vote Counted".

Make yours count, too.


Bella In The Bayou said...

So you are getting new floors? ooooh, so jealous. I think we are putting off for another year. Will you install yourselves?

Susan said...

If you saw my carpet you wouldn't be jealous. But no, we'll let the floor people install and get it done faster. And better. :)

Lindsay and Mike said...

I have hickory floors & I absolutely LOVE them! It's a really hard wood, so it doesn't get damaged quite as easily as many other woods. But, my three boys have still managed to figure out a few ways to den & ding it up. Luckily, I got it distressed from the beginning, so their dents & dings blend right in with the rest of it! :)

Susan said...

Hey, I'm glad to hear that!! Hickory is beautiful! Were yours pre-finished? With our house on a slab we were pretty much locked in to pre-finished engineered wood. I can't wait until this gets done!

Becca said...

It's now officially your favorite month! I, too, love November ... just can't believe Christmas will be here before we know it! I love the floors you've chosen ... it will be fabulous! And, thanks so much for your kind words about my Fall kitchen! And, YES, you got my costume right ... I'm a sucker for the "Real Housewives." LOL. And, I agree with you about "y'all" vs. "ya'll" (English major in college coming out in me). LOL. Have a great day, Becca (now following)