Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghost Riders in the Sky

We've been the happy owners of our red Honda Pilot for nearly nine years now. We've seen good times, tough times, Keith Urban times, cruising times, hurricane times, fun times, and some all-around we ROCK this Pilot-times.

But today it was goodbye time.

And after nearly 17 years of driving a red vehicle (the Accord, then the Pilot), mama's got a horse of a different color.

A brand spanking new WHITE Honda Pilot!!

It's fancy. Frisky. Fantastic.

Big Daddy likes it too.

It's fun. Now we just have to figure out how to work everything.

Ghost Rider:

Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. (name that movie)

I don't think anyone will know it's me in a white vehicle. I might lose it myself in a parking lot.

Say it with me now, "White, white, white!"


Lou Ellen said...

I will lose you too! White, after all those years of red...it blows the mind.

Ghost Rider, learn the way to Target and Sonic, the Galveson cruise terminal, the Mucky Duck, Highland Village and all points in between and your days will be happy.

Vicki's Vicissitudes said...

TOP GUN!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! What prize do I win? NICE RIDE.

Susan said...

Ha!! Thanks!

Becca said...

One of my favorite movies! Love your new ride ... I know you'll love it! And, thank you for your kind comment about my Fall dry bar ... you're right ... bring on Christmas! LOL. Have a great day!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Cute! Enjoy the new ride!