Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chateau des Cocodries ~

We had a fun girl's day when we went to Chateau des Cocodries...the House of Alligators! It's a cool place in Jennings located at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park. You can see and hold baby alligators, and see big ones too. Alahna and Kirra were JUST in all their was like holding baby dinosaurs that couldn't run away. Or eat you. ;)

The smallest baby was a girl (not named yet) and the bigger baby was Bubba. He gets very nervous if anyone flips him upside down. Not a good idea.

They have 2 big gators in a pool that you can see, but not touch (naturally). Sometimes you can watch them eat though, if you get there at the right time.
After we finished seeing the gators, we went next door to a little Cajun house with tourist stuff. The lady there gave us beautiful Sparrows of Louisiana calendars. The girls sat on the wood floor in front of the Mardi Gras tree. :)

The park is really cute. Alahna & Kirra were glad Aunt Jennifer was there to play with them, since she's the coolest aunt (and the cutest).

If was such a fun day. And free! I love it when free things turn out to be fun!

See you later, alligator...


Lindsay and Mike said...

Wish I had known about that place when we lived down there! Looks awesome! And free? You can't beat that!

MaryRuth said...

Sounds fun!! Your little grand girls are soooo cute!!