Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do You Believe in Magic?

While we were at their house, the girls got violins and were preparing to start taking lessons. I guess time will tell if they love it or not. Here's Alahna....she already has that beaming look, you know - the one you get when you realize you can make music...just like magic. :)

Of course, it helps if you have on a party dress and sling your violin over your shoulder like a child prodigy, on the way to a recital with much older kids. That, and the fact that you look like an angel too.

Two more pics from our poppy trip. If I could do this day over, I'd have gone in late afternoon, the light is nicer then. It was so bright at noon that we were all squinting.

Isn't this child the most darling rainy-day girl, EVER?? This ensemble was from Old Navy...she was happy to model for me. I always get better pictures of Kirra if I just grab the camera and start shooting. She pays attention and looks my way.

We left early on Easter morning, and didn't get much time to say goodbye, but that's OK. We talked it out the night before. Alahna buried her head in my shoulder and said, "I'm going to miss you so much! Mawmaw...when you're here, everything is better."

You said it, sweetheart. ♥


gwen said...

Awwww....so sweet! And Susan, you look fabulous in that last photo~ a young, hip, fit MawMaw!

Susan said...

Thanks Gwen!! (you're a cool jet-setting Nana yourself!)

Lou Ellen said...

Sweet story from Alahna, so sweet, great memory. I miss the girls, wish I could see them more often.

Stacy James said...

Now if that doesn't tug at your heart strings, you ain't true blue! Precious!!