Friday, April 16, 2010

Put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket...

Mark Twain said that. But it reminds me of what was going on at the Eggstravaganza when we took the girls the day before Easter. It was held in the city park and attended by thousands of kids. They have them hunt on different fields, according to age. Each hunt is scheduled about 20 min. apart. The thing is, the eggs aren't really hidden...they are dumped on the grass. But anyway, you line up, run out to the grass and scoop up as many eggs as you can. Then you give the eggs back (??) in exchange for a small sweet prize. Very small. In fact, you get more of a biteful scoring samples at Sam's Club than what was in that prize. And then they recycle the eggs for the next hunt. I guess times are tough in California for the Big Bunny.

When it comes to dyeing eggs, Alahna is an expert but Kirra's a fast learner.

I think they could've dyed eggs all afternoon but these are all we had.

When it came to hunting them in the backyard though, we had plenty!!

We love to decorate eggs...we love to hunt eggs...we love to EAT eggs...we should be on a billboard for the egg industry. could read, "Got Eggs?" :)

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Lou Ellen said...

Love the black and white Easter dresses! But those girls look cute in anything.