Monday, January 4, 2010

Louisiana Christmas Day

Oh its alright, its gonna be ok
Your little boys comin' on home, come a Louisiana Christmas Day
Oh let the good times roll, Le Bon Temp Rouler
Your little boys comin' on home, come a Louisiana Christmas Day

That song by Aaron Neville always reminds me of Christmas in cajun country. One thing's for sure: our Christmas day was fun, with lots of good food. I still miss fudge on Christmas though...

We went to the movies (family tradition, the last few years) and saw The Blind Side, which was fantastic! Then we came home and got dinner ready...shrimp gumbo (family tradition dating back at least 25 years) sliced turkey, brisket, mashed potatoes, and more. We had lots of treats, but the Peanut Butter Pie, made by Jennifer, was SO sinful!! Yes, I ate it and I'm not sorry. ;)

My Christmas china is stacked, waiting for the table to be set.

Justin liked his new gumbo pot. :)

Happy hunting...the gift cards all say Academy!
Jennifer got the coolest Born boots...believe it or not, Santa had to detour to CA to find them.

Love my Crate & Barrel flatware caddy!

Wedding jewelry. Cruise bling. You never know.

Chris models his Invicta dive watch. We're all infatuated with it...even Chris.

And they weren't here, but we were tickled to get this shot of Alahna & Kirra sitting at the table Mawmaw & Pawpaw (that would be us!) sent them for Christmas. I love it, it's made of wood. And all little girls need a table...for coloring, snacks, playing school. Jason says they love it too.

So, on the day after Christmas, you just gotta GO. Go shopping (me). Go hunting (Don). And a good time was had by all!


Lou Ellen said...

Your blog is so cute, love the snow and colors. It's nice to see the little girls at their new table with their new Christmas books!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful Christmas!! I love your tree! And the snow on your blog is so fun!! Looks like you were all good this year! :) And yes every little girl NEEDS a little table! Too cute!

Jen and Chris said...

It was an awesome Christmas! I enjoyed it very much...and Santa was very nice to go get those boots I wanted so much.

Susan said...

Thanks Lou Ellen & Andrea! And Jennifer...Santa rocks, you know! ;)

Andrea said...

Alright Susan....I have been blog stalking you....where is your new post.....LOL!! :)

Susan said...

WTG me, I have a stalker!! (instead of being one). As soon as I get these wedding pics uploaded I will update. :)