Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Girl ~

On this day, twenty six years ago, we had an especially joyful day. One that I dreamed about (really, I dreamed it!). It was the day we went from having two boys, to having three children. It was the day our family was complete. It was the day when everyone we knew went out to buy something pink. Or ruffled. Or both. It was the day we got to call our friends (and the office of Maplewood School, who had already called twice asking for news) to say, "We had a GIRL!!!"

I could write so many things about that day, and maybe next year I will. But for today, I'll share this story, written by my Mom:

The Day Jennifer Was Born (By Pamela Lyons)

Finally, it was morning and I was glad because it had been a restless night for me. I was worried about Susan and too, I was excited about my new grandchild that would be born today. I turned on my light, it was 5 o'clock. I got up and turned the heat up so Justin and Jason would get up to a warm house. I couldn't eat breakfast so I settled down on the sofa to read the paper. Daddy turned on the TV and on the readout it said it was 26 degrees; the forecast was for light rain or maybe light snow. There would be no sun today.

It wasn't long till Jason cuddled up beside me. Later I woke Justin up, but neither of the boys were hungry so we started getting dressed, putting on our warm clothes. It was so cold. The boys looked so cute in their matching navy blue jogging outfits, they put on their new heavy coats and their new shoes. Susan had given me instructions as to what they should wear for this important day.

When we left for the hospital it was 7 o'clock. No one said a word and then Daddy, turning to the boys said, "Well, let's go get Jeremy." The boys smiled. At this point we were all so sure it would be a boy. When we came to the 210-Bridge, we saw an interesting sight - there, to our right, we saw hundreds of thousands of red-winged blackbirds flying around in circles. The sky was dark with them. I said to the boys that I had never in my life seen so many blackbirds. Justin said, "me neither" and Jason said, "me neither." It was amazing to see so many birds, it was like something out of a movie.

When we arrived at the hospital I glanced at a clock on the 2nd floor. It was 7:25 and I thought, Susan is in delivery now, the baby will soon be here. I was nervous. We walked to the reception room, this place was so familiar to us. It was here in this very room that Daddy waited for the birth of our own 3 children. It was here that I waited all night long for the birth of my first grandchild, Justin and it was here that we waited for Jason to be born too. So, here we were again. This would be our last time here because this would be Susan & Donald's last baby.

The boys and I took off our coats and made ourselves comfortable. Donald came in, he looked tired. He was supposed to come back in a few minutes to tell us about the baby. I couldn't sit down, I was so nervous, my heart was pounding. I walked around waiting for Donald to come back. I kept glancing at the clock. At a few minutes past 8, the phone in the waiting room rang. I quickly picked it up and said hello. A nurse said, "The Duplantis baby is here." I asked, "Is it a boy or a girl?" She wouldn't say, she only said to come through the double doors and that she would be standing there with the baby.

I was so excited. I got Justin and Jason by the hands and we ran down the hall, Daddy was right behind us. We went through the double doors and then we saw the nurse. She was a pleasant looking middle age lady with long, sort of blonde hair, caught back in a bun and she wore glasses. There in her arms was the baby, wrapped in a little white blanket. I looked at the nurse and said, "That's a boy." And with a smile on her face she replied, "Well, no it's not a boy, it's a little girl!" I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. A girl - I thought, that's just wonderful. I said to the boys, "You have a baby sister!" They were jumping up and down. Just then Donald walked up to us, he was wearing a long green gown over his clothes. He was on standby outside the operating room but the nurse thought he was in the waiting room too, so he didn't know yet if he had a son or a daughter. But with all the laughter and excitement, he figured it out. He looked at me with a big smile on his face and said, "Mom, that's a girl?" I answered "Yes Donald, a girl!" He took the baby in his arms, it was obvious he was very happy. We all were.

We went back to the reception area. Daddy was talking about tea sets and dolls so when Donald's mom and sister came in and heard all the commotion, they knew it was a girl. They were happy too. We all sat down and had a good visit. Daddy took Justin & Jason down to the cafeteria for breakfast and that was fun for them. At about 10:30 we all went to see the baby, Jennifer Kay, again. She was now in the nursery. Donald's mother said she looked like Susan. We went into Susan's room for a short visit with her, she was just so very happy about her baby girl. I knew she would be.

When we left the hospital at 11 o'clock it was still bitterly cold but there was no rain or snow. At the bridge we looked, but the blackbirds were gone. After a lunch of sloppy joes most of the afternoon was spent talking on the phone or playing games with the boys. When night came, I realized how tired I was, but I took time out to think how blessed I was to be the grandmother of 7 precious grandchildren. Each of their births has been so special to me, and each has added so much joy to my life, and now there is Jennifer. The birth of a grandchild is truly a wondrous event. It's my family renewing itself.

As soon as the boys were quiet, we said a prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for this day. I turned off my light, sleep would come easy tonight. And that's the way it was, Friday, January 20, 1984 - the day Jennifer was born.

I love that my mom wrote that story. And I love you, Jennifer.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. ♥


gwen said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful story! I'll admit I even got a little teary-eyed. I can just hear Don's voice saying, "Mom, that's a girl?"

Be A Saint said...

I got a lump in my throat, too. How wonderful to have this especially since your mom is gone. This goes to show we should write things like this down.

daysgoby said...

What a nice memory! happy Birthday to your little girl.

Lou Ellen said...

And I remember Mom saying, as they were driving home, Jason turned around and said, "Now we're just like Brian and Joey."

Jen and Chris said...

Thanks Mom. I love that story and I am glad that Mawmaw wrote stuff like that down. I look fat in that first picture.

Susan said...

To Lou Ellen: Yes, I edited a few things out for clarity, including the Brian & Joey comment.

To Jennifer: Believe me, you weren't fat!! ;)

Katie M. said...

How cute - love the story! What a lesson to me to write stuff down. So precious!

RaeAnn said...

How sweet!!! I am a little teary eyed!!!
We are so glad that you had a girl too!!