Friday, January 8, 2010

I Want to Hold Your Hand...

Oh yeah, I'll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

Four days after Christmas, and the day after our 35th wedding anniversary, my niece Sarah was married to Ryan in the Houston Temple. We had talked about this day for months. Well...the women of the family talked. The men mostly listened. Sometimes.

It was an awesome wedding. Here's a look at the other words, the party. I didn't get many good shots, the flash washed things out and without it, everything was dark, oh well. Back to the party, we had a ball...we ate and talked and danced. It was held at an event center, Joe's Banquet Hall, and it was so pretty. There was a wonderful catered buffet and a waitstaff to do the work. Amen to that!!!

Lou Ellen and I were watching something. We can't help it, we're observant by nature.

Me holding Ella (Clarissa's oldest). I fed her chocolate cake. She didn't complain.

Lou Ellen and me. Sisters. We look happy. We look sparkly. We look ready for a cruise!!

This was supposed to be a photo commemorating our anniversary. But that would be only half the story. It's really all about the dress. I call it my Oprah dress because it reminds me of the style she wears. And I love it. And it was perfect for dancing, very swishy!! :)

The bride kicked off her shoes and danced the night away.

Chris, Jennifer and Justin looked pretty spiffy too.

Adelynn howled for a minute but she was happier after we took her sweater off.

My temple pictures were much nicer. The day was overcast but the light was good. Sarah was a lovely bride and Ryan looked handsome too.

Clarissa holding Adelynn, her new baby girl, about 6 weeks old here. She is precious!

The Lyons girls
Wade & Clarissa and the munchkins.

Brady, Chris and Don. They were starving. They proved it later at Gringo's when they had ice cream when they walked in the door, before everyone else arrived.

It was such a sweet day!! And so much fun! I'll remember it always, and when I do, I'll think about Sarah and Ryan. And Lou Ellen. And our kids. And Don and I at our 35th wedding anniversary.

And my dress.

And The Beatles.
I wanna hold your hand...


Lou Ellen said...

The Oprah dress, the sparkly things bought, then returned, then bought again, the pink shoes and flowers, black table runners, the food, beautiful brides and handsome grooms, the food, the back and forth - what will we have to talk about now? Happy Wedding for Sarah and Ryan. Let's see what 2010 brings -

Susan said...

We'll find new stuff to talk about, for sure.

As for 2010, I'll throw this out there...I predict another bundle of joy for you. ;)

Carolina girl said...

She was a beautiful bride. And I love her dress--simple, but very elegant. And Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Don! So are you going on a cruise or what?

Susan said...

Yep...we're going on a cruise!!!

Sarah C said...

I loved your post! I love seeing the wedding from someone else's point of view. Loved the Oprah dress, perfect cruise wear!