Friday, August 3, 2012

Gator Girls: Season 2!

We're not swamp people though we're Cajun right down to our gumbo making, 2-step dancing, crawfish boiling, deer hunting-roots. I don't even like eating alligator all that much...tastes like chicken, but chicken is better.

But I like gators in small doses - books...movies...TV. I don't mind if they swim in the canal while I drive by, safe in my Pilot.

There's a renewed interest in alligators the past few years, mostly due to the popularity of "Swamp People" a TV series (on the History Channel, no less) dedicated to hunting gators during the month-long season in Louisiana.

What you are about to witness is real, the participants are not actors.


Our grandgirls went to Chateau des Cocodries last year:

Except for one crazy and unfortunate incident when one of the babies pooped on the floor, it was a rousing success. Audiences raved.

And so...

A little older, a bit braver, still blonde, and with a new swagger in their step, the Gator Girls are back for Season 2!

If I were an alligator, I'd be on the lookout for these two.

Alahna is almost 9 now, and Kirra will be 7 in a few months. They're a force to be reckoned with.

Yes, life can be tough in the swamp. But as the Gator Girls always say, "No guts, no gator!"

They welcomed Aunt Jennifer back on their team too. She serves as a medic and a calming influence, in case there are injuries. The fact that she's not (currently) blonde is a minor issue, but so far the head honchos love her and her place on the team is secure.

There's a storm rolling into the bayou soon and it's going to be a wild one. But no worries. Such is the life of Gator Girls in Cajun country.

Gator Girls. The legacy lives on. The tradition continues.


(Remember...don't try this at home.)


Megan C. said...

Such a cute post! And very cute gator girls!

Lily said...

Yes, I love your blog too, Susan. I'm the one visiting from 'Rotherham' although I'm way over here in Barnoldby le Beck. :)

Kelly said...

How adorable. What a cute post! It looks like a neat area to live. Except, I'm terrified to all reptiles!! My husband and oldest son both enjoy that series, Swamp People. I like watching the boat that has the Boston Terrier on it since that is what we have too. Thanks for stopping by my sister's blog and commenting on my guest post. You inquired about my slipcovers. The sofa and chair slipcovers came from Pottery Barn. They're no longer sold in stores, but can usually be found on Ebay. The other chair was bought with the custom slipcover already on it from a friend of ours. They were selling it and was MORE than happy to purchase it.

Lou Ellen said...

Looking forward to future episodes of "Gator Girls"! Chomp, chomp..

Lindsay and Mike said...

They are so stinkin' cute! Love their darling matching shirts.

Susan said...

Thanks all...they are my darlings.