Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Right Stuff ~

Sometimes I read cruising blogs and see that the bloggers (or their families) are winners. Winners of contests...trivia...whatever. My sister and I are smart. We know things. So, why haven't we won something?

Yeah, why? Because we never did it right. So as we boarded The Carnival Magic on Feb. 12, we vowed to do it right.

What is right? Right is teaming up. Right is looking over the schedule to see what we want to play. (Bean bag toss, no...hairy chest contest, no....country music trivia, yes!) Right is arriving early enough to get a good seat, an answer form, and to scope out the competition. Right is a sip of diet coke. Husbands are considered good luck, too.

Check, check, check and check.

FYI...the trophy (fondly named Ship-On-A-Stick) may be made of gold plastic, but they are very prized by all. They actually have the name of the ship on them too. Our first win was Famous Faces Mash-Up. (ex, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise).

Our second was for Famous Movie Quotes. ("You want answers? You can't handle the truth!") So we won a total of two each.

Were we proud? YES!!!

But still, you always remember the one that got away. We were one point (we had 37 out of 40 possible) away from a win in Country Music Trivia, a category that should have been a cake walk for us! What the heck?? How is this possible?

OK, so we're not infallible. Now, we will never forget that Dust On The Bottle was a hit for David Lee Murphy. We had the song title, just couldn't come up with the name.

The sisters. We've got it.

The Right Stuff!


Lou Ellen said...

Team Hibiscus lives. Once a schoolgirl, always a schoolgirl~ Mrs. Henderson would be proud.

gwen said...

SMARTIES!!! And you both look fabulous!!!

Sarah C said...

you trivia masters! looks like you guys had a blast! I need a cruise :)

Made In The South said...

Looks like ya'll had a fabulous time. What a surprise..we went on a cruise a few years back and I never knew they did that.
But then again I was kinda busy keeping up with my kids and their friends. Even though they were in high school, I was afraid they would fall off. LOL

Lindsay and Mike said...

Haha! Way to go. I hope you treaure your plastic gold trophy forever. :)