Friday, May 14, 2010

Got to roll me ~

I posted this on FB, but if you missed it... :) I'm sitting here watching the video of Keith Urban on Jimmy Fallon. Keith did Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones) and he just killed it!!!

I thought it was noteworthy enough to warrant a post all it's own. Things to watch for: the backup singers are famous, see if you know who they are...and the keyboardist is crazy-good!! At the end Keith gives a shout-out to Nashville...he's been heading up support for all the people who lost so much in the floods.

Keith will be performing on the big telethon to help Nashville, this Sunday night on GAC (someone have mercy and invite me over...we don't get GAC)

Got to roll me...keep on rolling.


Be A Saint said...

That was awesome!!! No idea on the backups, though!

Lou Ellen said...

Rocking out, country rock and roll heaven.

SUSAN said...

You know it!!! ;)

Vicki's Vicissitudes said...

Susan.......I watched this again and seriously got chills.....Keith Urban rocks like none other...what talent and in five days...I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN

Susan said...

Keith will put on a fantastic show!!