Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rollin' on the river ~

(cue Bayou Rock...)

A couple of days ago we were invited to go out to Zack & Andrea's camp on the river. Jason and the girls were all for it, so heck yeah we'll come.

Yep, it was hot. But we had a ball anyway. We ate pulled pork and sloppy joes and grilled sausage, boudin and onions. Watermelon and smores were popular too. I brought a box of Jo's Party House cupcakes. They're necessary. ;)

So. Much. Fun.

Lily showed Alahna & Kirra the right way to swing on a rope and jump in the water. They took it all in, and Alahna just went for it! Kirra kept thinking about it. We know this because she told us at least 20 times. :) She did jump off the dock even if the rope swing didn't happen.

Jason and his girls.

Emma was a big help with the little girls, she's a sweetheart.

Evan takes the wheel. This boat pulled the wakeboarders and skiers.

Zack pulled the kids with his pontoon boat. He can really maneuver that thing.

Jason's pretty good at wakeboarding, he's a natural.

Don was happy his grandgirls were having a ball.

Alahna had the best time. All smiles.

And Kirra was beside herself. She said this was the "best show" she ever saw! (maybe she thought we were on a reality show?)

Thumbs up for FASTER. Girls just wanna have fun...they feel the need, the need for speed.

Whether it's hunting or diagnosing the sound the boat motor is making, Don and Zack are talkers.

Our evening ended with a bit of drama. After darkness fell, while everyone was making smores around the fire, someone heard a voice calling for help across the water. Turns out a guy was over there and said his dog had a broken leg and he needed help to get him to the dock. A bit suspicious maybe, but nevertheless the guys decided to help. Zack, Taylor and Jason jumped in the boat and went to pick him up. Kirra was yelling out across the water, "We're coming to get you!! We're coming to help!" It was a large dog, a Bullmastiff. We hope the dog made it. Kirra would be proud.

Such an awesome night. Good friends, good times. We love all the Zack's and we're tickled that the grandgirls got the full camp experience. Thanks for the invite!

Left a good job in the city
Workin' for the Man every night and day
And I never lost one minute of sleepin'
Worryin' about the way things might have been

Big wheel keep on turnin'
Proud Mary keep on burnin'
Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river


Zack said...

Sometimes the events that aren't planned are the funniest!

Janet said...

What a fun family day! You're music got me moving. :) Thanks so much for your comment on my new blog design.

Lindsay and Mike said...

Looks like a blast!

Lou Ellen said...

What a great night on the river! Kirra's comment about this was the best. She confidently told me, "I had fun. The alligators and snakes in Louisiana only come out at night." Okkkkkk... Great pictures, good memories for the little blondes and the Mawmaw.

Vicki's Vicissitudes said...

OMGOSH...what a truly great post are so good at this....

Rita May said...