Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let there be light ~

I've been having a love affair with a chandelier for 2 years now. I would go to the website, put it in my cart and then think...oh forget it, our kitchen needs major work, I'm not putting this up...someday, with a nicer kitchen/dining room. And so my thought process went. This is the object of my affection:

And then I bought a new Howard Miller clock for the dining room wall (love it too!). This one:When Don hung the clock on the wall, I said...whoa, stop the presses, this will not do! This gorgeous clock cannot live on that I started ripping off the country wallpaper. We worked for a few days, even rented a steamer...finally we called experts and had things fixed. Nothing big, new paint and trim, etc. It's not the end of the kitchen work, we have major projects ahead, new cabs etc. But I wondered, what if I die without having lived with the chandelier I love? So now it is here. And up. The chandelier is mine! (Ballard Designs) Lesson learned. I can't fix everything perfectly but I can do this.

This isn't my house but I love this picture anyway.

Let there be light!


Lindsay and Mike said...

What a beautiful chandelier! I do the same thing...I will put things in my shopping cart & then just close out of the website. Don't know's just fun. Glad you got it!

gwen said...

I LOVE it! Can't wait to see it for real.

Susan said...

But will miss the Little House on the Prairie one! ha!

Melanie said...

I love the chandy. I am light girl myself. Took all of them down before I left my house in Cincy and put them up in the house in SC. I completely understand you wanting the pretty light fixture.

You are so lucky that you got to meet Keith Urban. I love his new CD and am glad that I saw him on Oprah.


LOL! I think the same sort of things...what if I die and I never (in my case) get rid of that ugly carpeting upstairs???? That would just not do! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know I am not alone in the project arena.

Merry Christmas,


Oh BTW, I think I bought that sparkly reindeer at one of our local shops in Colorado Springs. I don't see a maker's tag on it. I bought it last year if memory serves. Try eBay or just google glitter reindeer and maybe something will come up.