Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You say goodbye...and I say hello ~

OK, we watched two episodes of Glee tonight and that song is stuck in my head, so that's the title of this post. I'm a Gleek and I'm totally proud, ha!

This summer has flown by. There's been some coming and going...friends and family...I went to more baby showers than I can count...we've seen a bunch of movies...and we've celebrated! It's always fun to have people come but bittersweet to see them go. We've also had FOUR family birthdays this month. And since we're a smallish bunch, that's just crazy!

Here's some of those who've come and gone...

We had a "Louisiana Saturday Night" when the Christiansens showed up at our door.

Jennifer's BFF Katie (Baxter) Montou, came to visit. I think they look like they could be sisters.

Gwen & her family came home this summer. She did a little traveling and even managed to have eye surgery too (details on her blog soon, I bet). And don't ask me how, but when Brad arrived from Saudi Arabia on his birthday and their anniversary, Gwen forgot that it was...their 25th!?!

Having a grand old time at L'auberge. Here's the girls in front of a flickering we need one in August in south Louisiana. ;)

Lou Ellen & Charles came and helped us ring in the birthdays. We always have a ball when they come! And I do think they look cool in this picture. I took it, just saying... :)

The Birthdays: (I feel like Miss Karen from Romper Room looking through her magic mirror...)
First up was Wendy on August 1st. Wendy is beautiful, a great nurse and a lot of fun. This picture was from a few years ago, but I love it. The wind was blowing and it was a gorgeous sunny day. We love Wendy, and she's a fantastic mom to our grandgirls!!

Next is Don, who had his birthday on August 11th. Take it from me, this cajun boy had a good birthday...many celebrations! Don is a loyal friend, a hard worker, an amazing Dad, a fantastic Pawpaw, and the best husband in the world!!! I love him, and he is my heart. ~

And here she is, Alahna who turns 7 years old TODAY! She's precious and we just adore her!!! Alahna is in 2nd grade and she's very smart. She's learning to play violin and doing so well! Sometimes Alahna will send me a text or call me and that is so fun! We love you, sweet girl!!! Happy Birthday! ♥

So, that's it...I hearby declare the summer of 2010 officially closed. If you read this, leave me a hello! Or goodbye!! ~


Lisa said...

Hello! It has been quite a summer, but I must admit I am glad it is over.

Katie M. said...

You guys did have quite a busy summer! I'm here in hot hot hot Las Vegas, so I don't feel quite ready to declare the summer over. :) But I can't wait for the cooler fall weather!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Looks like you guys have been busy & having a blast! Happy birthday to everyone!

Jen said... sure was fun!

Lou Ellen said...

We've said hello and goodbye quite a few times this summer, but it all sure was fun. From four-kinds-of-crab to water parks to baby showers to shopping to broken wrists to River Oaks and beyond... Let's all gobble like a turkey and say goodbye to a fun summer and hello to football and cool days. I think I shall start with the Texans/Cowboys and go from there. And then say goodbye to my gall bladder and hello to retirement.

DonnaB said...


I agree summer is over. It was over for me when I had to go back to work. I wish it would cool off 20 degrees. I am not totally sad to see summer go. Fall means football, pumpkins, cinnamon smells,and a new granddaughter coming in October. So good bye summer and hello fall!

sarahjeanne said...

I'm a gleek, too! My dad had the first season dvds so we ended up watching them all during our visit to texas this summer! thanks again for the fun Louisiana Saturday!