Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cozumel ~

Our last port to visit was Cozumel, Mexico. Our planned excursion was the Sail, Snorkel and Beach Party. I'm not a water person...but hey, the beach thing sounded good. We were on The Fury, one of several catamarans run by a tour company. I intended to just get in the water a bit and call it good, but it got rough and the whole salt water in my mouth thing didn't help. So my dip in the sea was short. Don went in, went down, came back up and got out too. If we had to do this again, we'd probably opt for something else...maybe four-wheeling on the beach or jet skis.

These excursions are popular, in part because they serve free refreshments - beer, margaritas and soda. After the snorkeling was over, the Fury headed for the beach. They came within about 15 yds or so and we walked the rest of the way in. At the beach we relaxed and people watched.

Ah, life is good....

This is Don's happy case you can't tell, he's smiling inside.

Lou Ellen and I relaxed on the beach beds. I was studying my Cozumel paper, with a map of all the shops.

Don & Charles got up close and personal with a pair of iguanas who wanted some privacy.

Soon we loaded up on the Fury to take us back to Cozumel.

By the time we got back the weather had turned bad and rain was starting to fall. The guys knew that The Conquest held an abundance of wondrous food just waiting for them, so they headed back to the ship, with a wave to us saying, "Don't miss the boat."

Lou Ellen and I wanted to do some looking around, which was fun even though we didn't buy much. We were able to get from one shop to the other without getting too wet. We went in one store and looked at all the drugs you can buy - prescription drugs, that is, only no script needed...amoxicillin, Z-paks, pretty much anything. We walked back to the ship in the rain. We had to be back onboard by 5:30 (we beat that by 20 minutes) and as we walked up the dock, we were sure the guys would be on the balcony watching for us.

Bet your life on it. Absolutely.

And.......they were. Do we know our husbands or what??

Our last view of Cozumel, in the rain.


Lou Ellen said...

I love the 2 pictures of Don.
1. Don't mess with me, I am a hunter.
2. Hey! I'm on a cruise!

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