Sunday, December 20, 2009

Texas Turnaround

For the 2nd year in a row we made the Kelly Willis-Bruce Robison Holiday Show at The Mucky Duck. It was awesome!!! This year Jennifer came too, I hope Don makes it next year. There is NOTHING like live music. They wouldn't allow flash photos during the show and I wanted to take some video but my card was full. So rather than start deleting shots so I could make room, I shut the camera down and enjoyed the night. But here's a clip of Kelly from CMT (one of my favorites):

We went to the 9:30 pm show and yes, we had oh-so-close to the stage seating, reserved by Lou Ellen, as evidenced by her name on the card. Hey...the people that get the stuff are the people that show up and ASK for the stuff! ;)

After our waiter botched our first picture, a kind person at the next table got a good shot of all of us:

It was just cool. You may not know Kelly & Bruce, but if you don' should. If you love music. Or Texas.

Houston. I always complain about the traffic (the pits, mostly) but we managed to get around enough to have fun: a little shopping in Highland Village, went to Justin's new apt, drove in to River Oaks to eat at Chuy's, stayed up late talking after the show. The next day we wanted to head for shopping in Silver Lake but since the stinkin' cold rain continued, we headed for the Baybrook Mall instead. Can you say shop till you drop? OK, we didn't get that far but it was still good. Then Jen and I headed home, and that's where our Texas turnaround ended.


Lou Ellen said...

To quote Lyle Lovett, "Yes, you're not from Texas... Texas wants you anyway." Here's to good music, good tex-mex and killer shopping - what a combo.

Susan said...

Amen :)