Monday, November 16, 2009

Veloma, from Cajun Country!

My nephew Matthew reports to the MTC day after tomorrow. He's been called to serve a mission in Antananarivo, Madagascar. He will teach the gospel in their native language, Malagasy. We're so excited for him!!! Here's his Mission Blog for those who want to follow:

He and Lou Ellen came to Louisiana a few weeks ago and we tried to have as much fun as we could....lots of delicious food was involved, including: cracklins, boudin, strawberry cake, and Andouille Chicken. Any more fun and we'd have ended up in the ER. :)

One thing Matt did that weekend was to sing in church on Sunday. I was so happy that he finally got to do that. He sang a beautiful rendition of "Whole Again" and it was awesome!!

I wish our whole family had been there, but it was still wonderful. Our group:
Don, me, Matt, Lou Ellen.

We love you Matt, we'll miss you!!!
Aunt Susan and Uncle Don ~

(fyi to readers: Veloma means "goodbye" in Malagasy)


gwen said...

How exciting! ....and cute pictures.

Lou Ellen said...

I'm glad he got his boudin fix on before he left. It was fun! We have to go back to Pujo Street Cafe sometime.

RaeAnn said...

How fun!!! Congratulations!!! Where was Jen hiding?

Susan said...

She was at the ER, working. :(