Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun Friday Photos

Just because it's Friday...

I love this, it's Jennifer swimming with Payton, summer 05. He's so cute. Is there anything more darling than a four year old???

This was after our moms & daughters lunch. These three girls were in the same classes, Spark and regular, from 1st grade on. They're smart as whips, sweet (mostly) and really fun to be around. It's cool to have friends that have known you forever...lucky girls!
L to R: Magen, Julia, and Jennifer.

Jason (center) on the day he graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy. It was a stirring and solemn ceremony.

Justin, Jennifer and Jason...just hanging around.

This picture's for Donna...thought it might inspire you to make a sign for the U2 concert. I made this for a Keith concert in Salt Lake City in Sept. '05, painted it on a fabric scrap I got from Goodwill for $1. Bummer though, the venue would not allow signs, so I gave it to Keith's bass player. But I wish I'd kept it!!!

Kirra & Alahna, dressed up for Easter Sunday. One word for these grandgirls of mine...adorable!!

What do you do after you graduate from BYU and hear Vice-President Dick Cheney speak at your commencement? No, you don't go to Disneyland, you pose by the Cougar.

Then Clarissa and Jennifer pay homage to that symbol of all Cougars everywhere....Chocolate Milk from the Creamery! And yes, they actually DO hand out chocolate milk after graduation. :)

This is a picture the photographer shot outside the temple. I think it was one of those moments where if you'd been at a funeral, you'd try to contain yourself, but since it was a wedding...let the good times roll!
L to R: Kristin, Andrea, Rita and Gwen.